The path of life is one of choices. Let the journey begin...

The Adventures of Miss Twiggs and Company is a magical story set in rural England in 1946. Miss Twiggs, Mortimor, and Penelope are three mice that risk their lives leaving Durham County, England several times a year to share love, truth, and wisdom with all they encounter.

On this journey, they revisit an area where they had helped a man cope with the death of his spouse. Mt. Pleasant, a small town in Derbyshire County, England is still recovering from the great war as the book begins. The trio unexpectedly encounters Brian, an eleven-year-old boy, who is searching for answers to life's many questions. They help him discover the amazing power of thoughts on both a personal and community level. The picturesque setting of Mt. Pleasant, with its charming villagers, provides the perfect backdrop for a story with it's message of peace and hope for the future. This book will enchant and delight both adults and children of all ages.

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